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lindsay_singt2Lindsay Lewis, born in England has been singing on professional stages for over twenty years. As a singer and Songwriter she has released three albums with her acoustic duo “2ofUs”. In 2017 she took on a new project and released the electro-pop-album “Sugardrive” under the band-name “Jaciriot”. With her new Project “Voice-Sistas” she has now opened up a new side of her musicality and has dived into the art of free vocal improvisation.

For the last 15 years Lindsay has been teaching popular singing at universities and conservatories in Germany and is now teaching as a vocal coach at the very renown University of Popular Music in Mannheim. She teaches professional speakers and singers, singing teachers and choirs all over the world.

When Lindsay is in action, she is a whirlwind of information and inspiration. She is able to demonstrate all humanly possible sounds with a lot of humor, and an amazing database of information.

Lindsay has been teaching as a lecturer and professor at these universities, colleges and music academys in Germany:

  • University of Hildesheim
  • LAG Rock Niedersachsen
  • University of music Lübeck
  • Robert-Schumann Hochschule in Düsseldorf
  • German academy of music, Bundesakademie
  • Professor for popular singing at the Rostock university of music and drama
  • now teaching at University of Popular Music and music business
  • now CEO and teaching staff of CVT Intensiv in Hamburg

Lindsay Lewis born 1973 in Norwich/England, studied singing und musicology at the university in Hildesheim. In 2001 she wrote her renown diploma-thesis “Vocal techniques of popular singing in regards to the Belting-technique”.

Her education also took her in 2001 to New York to attend the „National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS)“ and she since then has specialised in teaching an innovate approach to “Belting” and singing in different musical styles. In 2012 Lindsay Lewis qualified as one of the first authorized german singing teachers in “Complete Vocal Technique” and since then has adapted all of these influences into her own unique technique.

Diplom-Thesis 2001 (in german!)  „Vokale Techniken der Popstimme unter besonderer Berücksichtigung des Beltings

    • 1997 2ofUs „2“, Debut Album, 11 Songs on CD
    • 2001 2ofUs „Any 2nd now“, 11 Songs on CD
    • 2001 Diploma-Thesis: “Vocal techniques of popular singing in regards to the Belting-technique”
    • 2011 2ofus „Reflections“,  12 Songs on CD
    • 2017 Jaciriot “Sugardrive”, electro-pop-album on amazon-music und iTunes

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