singing without limits

lindsay_sitzendSinging can be learned just like any other instrument, you just need to find the right tools. For me singing techniques are the tools to enable people to sing without any limits. Being able to express exactly what you want, when you want is the greatest gift you can get as a singer!

And this is what I do best: I can identify techniques that aren’t working for you and  help you find the right tools that give you the outcome you want quickly and effectively. No more long warm-up sessions and boring singing excercises. We start at the exact point that isn’t working for you, solve it and then build in the new muscle memory.

I have specialized in these techniques:

  • all popular singing techniques
  • Microphon-technique
  • phrasing & musical style
  • heavy & light belting
  • interpretation
  • groove
  • performance
  • riffing
  • vibrato
  • heavy vocal effects

I offer personal coaching to professional singers and speakers that would like quick and effektiv results.

For personal coaching please contact:

I offer coaching-sessions via Skype or Zoom.

For skype coaching please contact:

I gave coaching for singing teachers in the following subjects:

  • effective Warm-up excersises for singers and choirs
  • specific excersies for establishing twang, support, range, dynamics & volume
  • Blending
  • Groove
  • using free improvisation when teaching
  • and much more


For information please contact me: